Oh ‘Wirra Wirra’ art thou Mrs. Wigley?

The cat takes the cheese. The neighbor gets the tail.

And the wine drinker gets a tale as well, by way of the label.  This Aussie vintner’s creations are conceived from little slices of reality. Tonight’s bottle, a 2008 Grenache Rosé (a mere $3.99 at our local Grocery Outlet), was no exception. From the label: “Mrs. Wigley (1977-1993) was not the wife of Wirra Wirra founder Bob Wigley, but a particular pussycat who was born at the neighbouring Petrucci residence. Within days, she had settled in our open fermenters and from then on Mrs. Wigley became a permanent feature of the cellars. Raised exclusively on Myponga Cheddar from the cheese board in cellar door; she was black in colour and sported a trimmed tail courtesy of an accident with some galvanized iron and some emergency surgery from Joe Petrucci’s pruning snips.”

Mrs. WigleyThis may sound like a charming animated Disney throwback from half a century ago, but after a glass or three, we determined there was more to this Aristocat than met the eye.  Perception is reality and it is our perception, Mrs. Wigley was a lush and a bit of a vineyard floozy. Many a Tom fell victim to the saucy kitten, skilled in the art of theft and persuasion.  To this end, she birthed multiple litters from any unattached Tom within a 10-mile radius. Animal welfare workers repeatedly removed the innocent spawn of her drunken alleycat ways.  And as for the loss of her tail, it was no accident by any stretch.  It was during a wine tasting one sultry summer evening when the inebriated cat burglar stole Joe Petrucci’s toupee, mistaking it for a late night lover.  Mortified, he lit after Mrs. Wigley with a pair of kitchen shears and a venomous rage in his heart.  Thankfully she was only on her 6th life and managed to slip through a broken board in the vineyard fence just as Petrucci’s snipping blades caught the end of her tail.

Luckily for us, Mrs. Wigley went on to inspire some really flirty, screw-top wine.  The first pour revealed a gorgeous red plum color. We enjoyed our bottle with Sabra Roasted Pine Nut Hummus, carrots, Beechers No Woman Cheese and slices of Fuji apple.  It left us yearning for a second bottle, hopefully to be enjoyed on a warm summer evening with fresh food and old friends. How will you enjoy yours?

Aromatique: Fresh floral

SipQuips: Strawberries and a hint of spiced apple (Brad thinks I’m high on Spice) Smooth on the tongue.

Kitchen Couplings: Serve chilled with grilled Mahi Mahi, Caesar salad or chilled pasta salad with fresh dill. Perfect with a light summer meal.

Changing Emily by Special Patrol. Check out their MySpace page for more.

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