Welcome winos and wannabes!

Let’s just start with the fact that we are poor and don’t know anything about wine. We don’t even know how to pronounce “sommelier” or “Gewürtztraminer.” But we know what we like. We like good food, good coffee (although, isn’t just about any coffee good the morning after a three-bottles-of-wine dinner?) and tasty wine. We aren’t averse to wandering the aisles of the local bottle shop or checking out a wine tasting or even having a glass (or three) on the patio of the froo-froo wine shop downtown.

But like a lot of folks, we’ve figured out that you can get plenty of enjoyment out of a $4.99 bottle of Aussie shiraz from Safeway, especially since you’ll still have plenty of cash left over to buy pizza and breadsticks.

Oh… and we’re in love. Not just with wine. With each other. We’re 40-somethings who have been through a lot of life’s ups and downs: careers, children and long, beautiful marriages that continue to bring color and perspective, the way a hearty red leaves memories on the tongue even after the bottle has gone dry.

A lifetime ago, we graduated high school together, but it took two decades, several relocations, a set of remarkable coincidences and this thing called the Internet to bring us together. It’s a love story that has always had as its backdrop an appreciation of simple pleasures and grand adventures … and wine. Whether it’s a bottle of house red shared in crystal at an upscale restaurant or overpriced single servings of merlot in a trendy club or a bottle of fruity, inexpensive cab passed back and forth beneath a beach blanket while watching a beautiful sunset, wine has been a constant accompaniment.

And wine, like life’s best moments, is better when shared. That’s why we’re here … to share a few laughs, a recipe or two, and everything we know about wine … which shouldn’t take too long.


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