There were no teardrops on this guitar …

It's getting hot in here!… for we made Swift work of this wine. It was Taylor-made for an evening spent watching the mighty Snake River roll past the front door of our rented cabin. This hearty Spanish blend of old-vine Tempranillo and Granache hails from a the Navarra region near the Spanish-French border.

Red Guitar wine commemorates the Spanish invention of the six-string guitar and its place in the country’s joyous, laid-back lifestyle. We were feeling that vibe, even without musical accompaniment as workaday cares faded into the evening.

Long shadows spread across the sage-covered hills on the far bank. Towering cottonwoods shaded our table as we sat in the lush grass and watched pelicans and cormorants skim the water en route to their evening perches. A light breeze stirred the leaves, adding an aural backdrop to an idyllic Friday evening.

Red GuitarAny wine poured on an evening such as this is bound to be enjoyed, and the Red Guitar ($8.99 at Fred Meyer) was no exception. Actually, there was one exception, or maybe a half-dozen.

The densely-populated pod of cabins set just to the east was filled with children well-versed in their geometric understanding that the shortest distance between their cabin and the restroom was right past our front door. Thankfully, this wine enhanced the mellow mood necessary to tolerate the ignorance of their parents. Well almost. After we vocalized a recommendation — or five — to the precious little beings (we mean holy terrors), the boundaries seemed to be respected. That is until a noisy game of hide-and-seek in the dark with flashlights and a whistle began. Did we mention the dog?

Let’s be clear, we are parents and realize the value in those rare opportunities when one is able to release their children into the wild so they are out of your hair for a little while, but it is the conscious parent that does not release them into someone else’s wild. The more we sipped, the more we began to dream up plans to sabotage their merriment, and with the river just a stone’s throw away, it wasn’t that difficult.

An interesting sidenote, not far away, just across the river, a raspy screech like that of an angry monkey could be heard. Perhaps it feeds on sweet little children. Nah. We could never be that lucky. (For the record, the camp host told us the next day that it was likely a screech owl, but we’re sticking with the angry monkey theory until proven otherwise.)

P.S. Thanks to regular reader Michelle for recommending this wine.

Aromatique: Scents of blackberries, blueberries, sweet.

SipQuips: Peppery, berry flavor, warm, hearty, earthy.

Kitchen Couplings: Grilled beef or pork, chevre, Mexican foods

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