This Argentinian white wine’s all right for sipping

three-fourths fullWell, this is the mystery wine of the month. We only know a little about where it comes from, nothing about the grapes from which it’s made, and no idea where you can get some. But it’s good. Take our word for it.

Suá — say it like the cheap shampoo — is a wine that will remind you of warm spring days even if you’ve forgotten what those are like. It’s typical of South American white wines, with a touch of fizz and a refreshing crispness that makes it a nice accompaniment to a light meal or a gathering of friends.

When we espied the Suá Blanco at the Grocery Outlet, Debbie said we’d better grab some because, well, it’s pretty and she doubted there would be any left when we returned.

Sure enough, subsequent trips to our little Cheap Wine Nirvana for refills of this spritely little vintage have proven fruitless. The wine itself, however, is anything but fruitless. You’d never guess from the rather unremarkable aroma … remove the screw top, pour a little and give it a sniff — not much happening.

But once this lightly effervescent wine hits your tongue, the clear melon flavor is a pleasant surprise. It’s dry without being tart. Let the wine breathe for a few minutes, and the flavor matures into an intense, crisp apple. Do they even have apples in Argentina?

That’s where this $4.99 bottle of deliciousness hails from. Argentina’s a big country. There’s some place called Lujan de Cuyo, Mendoza, mentioned on the bottle. It’s about a thousand meters up the imposing Andes mountains, and the sunny, dry summers combined with cool winters lend themselves to crisp, fruity grapes that give South American wines their distinctive character.

Specifics about this particular vintage are impossible to come by, given that the importer, Tri Star Marketing of Walnut Creek, Calif., has apparently let its website,, disappear.

Whatever. How do you expect to market a decent cheap wine without the Internet. It’s practically FREE! At this price, you can’t afford to send samples all over or grease the palms of a “real” reviewer. You gotta rely on word of mouth, and that’s what the Internet’s all about.

Yummy!Then again, we haven’t been able to find any more bottles of this, so maybe they know something we don’t. Oh well. Que Suá Suá.

Aromatique: Unremarkable. A little citrus-y, which offers little clue as to the wine’s flavor.

SipQuips: Surprisingly fruity. Sweeter the longer it breathes. Unlike some whites, this is tasty at room temperature or chilled. Heavy melon and peach flavor to start, ripening to intense, sweet apple.

Kitchen Couplings: We enjoyed this wine with margherita panini sandwiches … a classic grilled sandwich with a terrific combination of fresh veggies and savory cheeses. (recipe, photo here)

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