Just Chillin’

Well, dear reader, we have a mystery on our hands. It concerns the death — or at least the disappearance — of a very promising winery in California. A vineyard isn’t an easy thing to hide, but try as we might, we can’t find Chill Out Vineyards of Ripon and Livermore, Calif., anywhere on the interwebs. The makers of this wine must be chilling out in the Himalayas with no Internet service. Anyone know a good sherpa? We need these guys to make more wine!

And that’s sad, because the Chill Out Sweet Red table wine we picked up for $5.99 at Fred Meyer last week is a delightful, fruity diversion from the ordinary. It’s not a sit-down-to-dinner wine, but a vintage best enjoyed with a few laughs among friends or alone with a dime-store romance. (Or, perhaps a murder mystery?)

Judging from the label, that latter activity should be enjoyed in a hammock tied between two palm trees, preferably within easy walking distance of a sandy beach — just what you’d expect from a wine called “Chill Out.”

We wanted to follow the directions. We really did. The Wine Slobs dig nothing more than unwinding on the patio, listening to the fish pond fountain and sipping our latest find. But we were in full pre-yard-sale frenzy, pulling junk from boxes, labeling the items and dreaming about what we’d do with all the money we were going to make.

And trying to keep Deb’s 3-year-old nephew from turning our huge mess into an even huger mess. (Is ‘huger’ even a word?) Plus we were trying to get some food on the table and do some much-needed housecleaning.

Fact is, this wine really did help us to chill out when the evening’s frenzy was reaching a peak. We could tell from the first pour that this was a good-mood wine. It had a unique strawberry color going into the glass — much lighter than traditional reds, but too dark for a rose.

“Mmmm. Jam,” the sister-in-law declared on first sip. “Very jammy.”

Indeed, this wine is fruity with just a little tartness on the front end. Letting it breathe a little mellows that tart beginning, and it becomes a smooth, but not syrupy blend of strawberry and raspberry flavors with a nice round finish.

We can only hope that the absence of the Chill Out winery from cyberspace doesn’t mean the wine will soon be missing in real life. That would not be very chill at all.

Aromatique: Like your grandma’s fruit preserves. Almost smells too sweet.
Sip Quips: Tooty-fruity, but with enough weight to separate it from the Annie Green Springs your parents used to drink on trips to the beach.
Kitchen Couplings: Actually, this wine probably is best enjoyed out of the kitchen, with some cheese and crackers, pretzels, and potato chips.

2 Responses to “Just Chillin’”

  1. Marilyn says:

    Did you ever find the winery. Just finished my last bottle of Moscato and really would like more!

  2. BraDebbie says:

    Hi Marilyn –

    We never did find the winery. Such a shame!

    Let us know if you end up running across it!


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