No Treasure Trove at Buckley’s Cove

We were very high on AU Vineyards after enjoying their 12 Apostles chardonnay, so when we spotted the Buckley’s Cove 2009 Shiraz/Cab blend at Grocery Outlet for $3, we grabbed a bottle.

The wine’s namesake, at least according to the bottle, was a little bonkers, but we weren’t crazy about this wine. In fact, we didn’t even finish it.

It’s pretty rare that an open bottle of wine last more than an hour or two in our house, even if we’re just finishing so we can move on to the next. After all, the fact that we generally consider $10 wine “overpriced” means we aren’t apt to waste it.

But a glass of this wine was plenty. We put it in the fridge thinking that maybe we’d give it another shot in a day or two. Never happened. It languished in there until we decided we needed the aerator for another bottle, and the second half of this red went *gasp* down the drain.

Now we hate to see decent wine go to waste, but this didn’t even measure up to that fairly low standard. It’s not that we didn’t give it a shot; it just wasn’t very good.

Like the aforementioned 12 Apostles, this wine offers a rollicking tale of its origins, full of clever Aussie-isms on the label. Unfortunately, the tale of little Billy Buckley, a “bit of a larrikin” who favors “five-finger discounts” is the best part of this bottle.

The promised “bountiful fruit” on the nose played out well enough, but “balanced tannins” on the palate is a bit of a stretch. The wine had some sweet berry notes but little of the pepper expected from a shiraz. The finish was too astringent and did not warm up much even when allowed to breathe.

Aussie Vineyards is still batting .500 in our wine cellar, so we’ll probably give their other vintages a swirl when we see them on the shelf, but this is one wine they should send to the showers.

Aromatique: Grape and berry notes.

SipQuips: Sweet grapey flavor up front followed by an acidic, sharp finish.

Kitchen Couplings: Chili or anything spicy enough to cover up the flavor.

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