The Mad Housewife

It still feels like the middle of the night when the alarm goes off and she tumbles out of bed. Gently she wipes the sleep from her eyes and begins her morning ritual of brewing coffee and making lunches for children still fast asleep. The laundry left in the dryer needs folding, the cat wants to be fed, and the man in her life is bellowing from the bathroom because he can’t find his razor and asks if their teenage daughter has stolen it yet again. One by one she wakes the children for a quick bowl of sugary cereal (as if they aren’t hyper enough). But what of it? In another hour, they will be safely dropped at school where their teachers are paid to deal with them.

Mad Housewives commiseratingShe jots down a few necessities needed from the store. The last bit of milk and bread had been used up between breakfast and lunch. Her husband emerges from the bathroom filling the kitchen with the scent of Irish Spring and aftershave. He takes a few sips of her coffee, and in an instant, he is out the door.

Empty bowls with splashes of sticky milk line the countertop where her children sleepily sat just moments before. “What now?!” she mutters on her way down the hall to break up an argument between the teenage girl and boy fighting over precious bathroom time, and it’s barely 6:30 a.m. The second-grader has proudly dressed himself in summer shorts, a sweater and his favorite cowboy boots. It almost breaks his heart when informed he must change. Half an hour later, the family van is loaded with backpacks, lunches, children in clothes that match, a plastic dinosaur and one pet hamster. Ten minutes later, with the hamster safely back in its cage she speeds out of the driveway, backs over a skateboard and without missing a beat, drops each one off at school, wiping away second-grade tears with promises of a new skateboard and a trip to the skate park by the weekend.

Mad Housewife CabBy 8 a.m. she has cleaned the kitchen right down to the last cereal bowl and by noon she has made all the beds, washed, folded and put away four loads of laundry, drank half the pot of coffee and ate the last bit of last night’s leftovers. By the middle of the afternoon, the floors have been vacuumed, rugs have been shaken, litter box cleaned and the bathrooms are respectable once more. She can finally get ready for the day. By 9 p.m. her family has been fed, another load of laundry started, and the kitchen has been cleaned for the second time. She has helped with homework, heard about her children’s adventures, conquered a quick trip to the grocery store and listened to her husband complain about the traffic. Finally, her tidy house is quiet and she is able to relax on the sofa with her thoughts and a much-needed glass of wine.

Are you a “Mad Housewife?”  Does your day resemble that of the woman in this story?  Are you mad that your children don’t pick up after themselves, are constantly fighting, the man in your life can’t find even the simplest of things that are seemingly right in front of him? Are you mad that the cat can’t remember that he was just fed? Are you angry that dishes seem to dirty themselves and that the laundry breeds in the shadows of the night? Does it piss you off to no end that you are the only one who sees that the garbage needs taken out and that skateboards belong in the garage? Are you incensed  that everything you do seems unappreciated and unimportant? Are you seriously regretting not marrying better so you could hire a nanny and a housekeeper?

Or are you just MAD because each and every day you do what needs doing because you are a lovely person who adores her family in spite of it all? We live in a mad world. Crazy isn’t it? Many of us go to work each day on top of all the daily rituals for the sake of our families. And this is why we must drink.

We drink to relax, we drink to cope, we drink to be social, but most of all we drink because on occasion we find a great wine like “Mad Housewife” that keeps us coming back for more. We found this Cabernet Sauvignon at our local Fred Meyer on sale for $6.79 and it was worth every last cent. In fact, we love everything about it. We tried this wine with and without our aerator. This wine is better the longer it has time to breathe. If you don’t own an aerator, get one!  We cannot stress how much it improves the flavor without having to fondle your glass while it breathes. Who has time for that with so much to do?! This wine tends to be sweet on the tip of the tongue, but gradually mellows into a mild and smooth flavor of cherries with a hint of chocolate. It goes down easy with its lush and silky texture. In fact, it goes down a little too easily!

Since 2007, the Mad Housewife Cabernet Sauvignon from California has won several medals in various wine competitions, and after enjoying a bottle we can understand why. From the fun label, corks with humorous sayings (ours says, “I enjoy cooking with wine. Sometimes I even put it in the food.”) to the distinct but not easily categorized flavor, this wine has it all. So whether you’re a mad housewife, a single dad or mother trying to do it all, or if you are just mad about wine, we encourage you to find a special spot on your sofa and enjoy a glass — or four.

Aromatique: Sweet and pungent (especially strong before it breathes).

SipQuips: Ripe cherries and a hint of chocolate.

Kitchen Couplings: Spicy grilled chicken with new potatoes and fresh green beans; pasta, pizza or chocolate of any kind.

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  1. Nick Mecham says:

    Cherries with a hint of choc. My favorite! Almost tempting enough to start drinking… Almost.

    • BraDebbie says:

      We’ll keep at it, Nick. We might find just the right combo one of these days, but until then, we’re just glad you like *reading* about cheap wine.

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