Crabs cure the Monday itch

It's getting hot in here!We’re not trying to lay blame here, but we got a healthy dose of crabs tonight courtesy of Joe.

Throw in a couple of new potatoes, an ear of corn, a few shrimp and a skosh of Cajun spice and you’ll fit right in at Joe’s Crab Shack! Did we mention the waitresses dancing their way to the “Love Shack?” Nevermind that said waitress appeared to be about 16 years old with an intellect to match. She couldn’t name a single bottle on the wine list, which was only about six lines long and didn’t even have words — the wines were all there in pictures.

The lone Merlot available was something we had previously suffered through on an airplane, so we opted for the 2009 HobNob Pinot Noir, which turned out to be a fine choice despite our waitress’s bumbling attempts to serve it.

We have to give her a bit of a break because, according to her, it was only her fourth time actually opening a bottle of wine. It showed.  She left ragged edges of foil around the opening after removing the cork (which she failed to give to us) and she didn’t bother to pour any, leaving that chore to two people whose hands were covered in butter. The slippery slope didn’t end there.

There were flies. Oh, were there flies! They swarmed our bucket of discarded crab shells as though it was a boar’s head on a stick in a tropical island jungle. And there were hornets, buzzing around hoping to slurp sticky drink residue and salty butter drippings from every table. They especially enjoyed swarming patrons that had just acquired their flavorful crocks of steaming seafood. Now, while we enjoy Joe’s overpriced food and festive décor, it is not necessarily the place you go to hobnob with the social elite. But hobnob we did with this less-than-snobbish wine.

We can’t tell you the price of this tasty French wine; we lost the receipt in less time than it took to drive home. But we can tell you it sells online for between $7.99 and $13 a bottle. Marketview Liquor says this wine “Is an elegant and silky Pinot Noir with an inviting bouquet of violets.” Okay, really? Violets? No. No. NO. This wine is a little more reminiscent of dried fruit or even fruit leather. Perhaps, black cherry or even plum. A little intense right out of the bottle, leaving a mysterious twang on the tongue that neither one of us could discern. But given the time it took to dissect a medium-sized crab with a tool that resembled your mother’s Tupperware orange peeler and gnaw our way through an ear of corn, this wine mellowed into something quite pleasing. Even the Lord of the Flies gave it a two thumbs up!

Aromatique: Sweet and spicy! Bring on the black cherries.
SipQuips: Sweet on the tongue, tempers into a mild spice with notes of plum, black cherry and warm vanilla, light body.
Kitchen Couplings: Joe’s Cajun Steampot with loads of butter, asian cousine, shrimp or chicken fettuccine, homemade beef stew.

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