Woop Woop … Whoops!

Remember those old TV for commercials for Foster’s Lager? “Foster’s … it’s Australian for BEER!” Well, Woop Woop apparently is Australian for “out of the way” or “not even close.” This Chardonnay from down under is, well, not even close to being good. Just the look on Debbie’s face when she takes a swallow is enough to tell you that this 2004 Chard is best left on the shelf.

Mmmm. Roasted veggie and goat cheese ravioli.

Grilled vegetable and goat cheese agnolotti with a fresh thyme and parmesan.

We’ve been saving this wine to enjoy with the perfect meal, for the name alone seemed to promise some festivity. We opened the screw top with anticipation. The sticker, from some retailer called “Rudy’s,” says $9.99, but we got it for free. Some non-wine-drinking friends gave it to us in exchange for a promise to review it for this blog. Listen, Scott & Traci. We’re sorry, but this particular vintage is sub-par … and we don’t mean like Scott’s golf game. You can consider it a favor; we saved you from drinking this bottle of wine. That’s what friends are for. You’re welcome.

The wine had clear, bright color, offering hope for plenty of crisp, clean citrus flavor that would pair nicely with the tasty ravioli in wine sauce we had planned for dinner. Buttoni’s Grilled Vegetable & Goat Cheese Agnolotti makes a great weeknight gourmet meal, especially with the addition of fresh thyme and parmesan cheese.

The glass revealed a hint of effervescence, which often implies a dry white wine. The first whiff revealed little hint of fruit; it was sharp and strong but not particularly appealing. Tasting didn’t improve the experience much … an astringent beginning led to a metallic (one favorable online review called it “steely”) finish, as though it was served from a rusty tin can. In reality, it’s hard to say this wine even really has a finish; it lingers like a house guest who won’t take a hint.

Of course, maybe WE should have taken a hint. This wine is a 2004 vintage, which puts it very long in the tooth for an inexpensive Chardonnay. Consider this a lesson for the Wine Slobs. The folks at cellarnotes.net and elsewhere say that even a Chardonnay that lists for $25 should be consumed within 3-5 years. We aren’t mathematicians, but seven years seems well outside of the optimal window. Bottles under $10 should be opened right away, as they don’t age well. Well, lesson learned.

So, now that we’ve talked a little vino and learned that it’s not good to let cheap wine sit around (drink faster!), let’s look at this Woop Woop phenomenon more closely. How did two nonsensical words become so ingrained in the pop culture? Besides being the Aussie version of “out in the boonies,” woop woop is also a term used to express approval, happiness or joy and is often accompanied by fist bumps. It’s also, for those of you who might need to know such things “the sound of the po-lice” comin’.

well, mistakes are a part of life.Woop woop reached the apex of its popularity a few years ago when some Danish rapper named Natasja recorded a reggae fusion remix of Enur’s “Calabria” (original video may be NSFW depending on your co-workers). We have no idea what the words mean, but “woop woop” runs throughout. The fist bumps were short-lived however; Natasja died in Jamaica in 2007 at age 32.

Apparently there’s no respect for the dead anymore, because her version of Calabria has spawned innumerable remixes, many of them serving as testament to the fact that not everyone should be allowed to post on YouTube. There’s even a Teletubbies version. Have you people no shame?

No? Well, neither do we, which is why our favorite Woop Woop remix is included below.

The Woop Woop madness doesn’t stop there. Oh no. Apparently the term has become a standard greeting for fans of the Insane Clown Posse, often referred to as Juggaloes. No, really. We aren’t making this up. ICP recorded a “song” (loosely defined) a while back called Stomp (lyrics definitely NSFW), in which the “singer” (again, loosely defined) says “I say stomp, you say” and the response is “woop woop.”

Whatever, yo! We say “bottoms up!” (You say “woop woop” – but maybe toast with a glass of a nice 12 Apostles Chardonnay.)

Aromatique: A hint of citrus but mostly acidic and strong alcohol scent.

SipQuips: Not good. Very tart, watery mouth feel with a metallic aftertaste.

Kitchen Couplings: Don’t bother. It’s not worth wasting a good meal on this wine. If you must pair it with something, very strong cheese or meats with significant fat content will help to mellow the heavy acidity.

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