Pretty In Pink

Remember the old douche ads from the late 70s and early 80s (now considered “vintage” I’m sure), before the Summer’s Eve “Hail to the V” campaign? Where marketing moguls depicted a woman strolling along a pristine beach clad in yards of flowing white gauze or wandering a field blanketed with wildflowers, carrying a thoughtful smile?   I know now that her outward expression of happiness was not because her freshly cleansed va-jay-jay had the lingering scent of newly cut lilacs, but because she was remembering the fabulous new wine she’d enjoyed the night before. A wine like Indian Creek’s 2010 White Pinot Noir: romantic, clean, refreshing and packed with floral aromas.

We discovered this wine across a crowded room at Boise’s own, “Sippin’ in the City” a few months back. It was love at first sight. After all, it’s a pretty wine in a pretty bottle and sells for less than $10, which makes for a pretty sweet deal. We found this bottle at our local Fred Meyer on sale for $7.99.

So what made me fall head over heels in love with this wine?  Let me count the ways…

It’s local.  At least it’s local for us. It has been a long time coming, but Idaho is finally making its way up the grapevine.  The Snake River Valley is home to at least 34 of the more than 40 wineries in Idaho. This appellation is historically known for its volcanic and glacial activity and, although this is typically an arid region, the river provides irrigation and much-needed air currents that moderate the often intense weather during the summer and winter months. Lucky for us, grapes dig it.  Indian Creek Winery is located on the west end of the Snake River Valley, in Kuna, Idaho, and open every weekend from noon to five.

It’s pink. And who, pray tell, doesn’t like pink?  At this point, you might be wondering why a wine called, “White Pinot Noir” is pink at all. To this, I implore you not to judge a grape by the color of its skin.  Almost all wine made from the Pinot Noir grape is red, due to its deep purplish color. But if the skins are not allowed to “get jiggy” with the juice, the result is a quite lovely shade of pink oftentimes referred to as a rosé.

Indian Creek White Pinot Noir

Did you know Indian Creek's 2009 White Pinot Noir took Gold and was voted "Idaho's Best Rose?" Photo:

It’s a winner. The Idaho Wine Competition is a bit like an Olympic event for Idaho vino, with more than a hundred contestants in various categories, and arduous standards. Indian Creek’s 2010 White Pinot Noir took silver last fall (2011). Clearly, even wine slobs recognize a winner when they taste it.

It rocks.Let’s face it, the most important aspect of any wine is, taste. If you don’t enjoy the flavor, what’s the point really? If you love wine (and I assume you do, or you wouldn’t be wasting life’s precious moments reading our drivel) I feel quite confident Indian Creek’s White Pinot Noir will find its way into your heart, too.

The intense aroma of cherry blossom and honey are absolutely intoxicating. At first glance it could be compared to plum wine, but with only 2.5% residual sweetness, it is far from being sickeningly sweet.  Instead, it’s relatively tart on the tongue, boasting well balanced acidity and notes of juicy strawberry, melon and a burst of mouth watering citrus.  It’s the perfect accompaniment to a light snack or meal, decadent desserts, a single square of chocolate to be savored by you and you, alone.  Rarely, do the wine slobs purchase the same bottle of wine more than once or twice (okay four is all I’m admitting to), but this one my friends will always have a spot in our wine rack.

Enjoying a glass at Mai Thai in downtown Boise!

Aromatique: It’s all about the floral, baby! Bring on the Cherry blossom!

SipQuips:   A wonderful meld of honey, strawberries, melon, and citrus give way to loads of juicy flavor! Not overly sweet.

Kitchen Couplings: Asian cuisine (spring rolls, sushi, jasmine rice), cheesecake, white chocolate dipped strawberries or mild white cheeses.

Hail to the “V”, people! I promise this is worth watching. It’s a least good for a smile. 😉

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