Ooh la la … Lots to like about this wine!

Today’s French lesson is brought to you by someone who lasted exactly two weeks in French 101.  Lucky for you dear reader, I have mad Google skills. You’re welcome. According to About.com: “The French phrase ooh là là isn’t so much an expression as an interjection. It can indicate surprise, disappointment, commiseration, distress, annoyance … any moderately strong reaction to something that was just said or done. It can be strengthened with additional ‘s, always in pairs.” Examples of such an interjection could include, “Oh dear!”  “Oh my!” or “Oh no!” Although, the literal translation is, “Oh there there.”

I see London, I see France, I see you’re wearing granny underpants.  And frankly, my dear, those just won’t do if you’re planning to break open a bottle of Ooh La La 2011 Pinot Grigio. Trust me on this.  I’m feeling slightly under-dressed in an oversized sweatshirt and my favorite pair of granny panties.  Need a little boost of estrogen? All you need to do is hold the bottle in your hand. Bust out those frilly polka-dot undergarments ladies, we just might have found THE most girly wine yet!  

I read somewhere its innovative and unique packaging appeals to the “millennial female.”  Okay. Sure. Sign me up! I’ll be the new face of the millennial female, even if I might have been born a few years too early.

I wouldn’t say I have fetish, but I do have a black and white polka dot purse. Actually, my family has corrected me many times, because it’s actually a lunch bag. But since it seems to hold my wallet, car keys and enough crap to save the day at any given moment, I call it my purse.  So, it only seems natural that I would be drawn to the bottle without a second thought.  After all, when hasn’t a bottle of wine saved the day?

Ooh La La 2011 Pinot Grigio was just as I imagined it would be. It was crisp, and light on the palate, with hints of green apple and pear.  It’s fermented clean and cold versus using oak barrels, which ensure a slow fermentation. This method is used to preserve the virginal flavor of the fruit. This slightly effervescent wine did have one surprise: a bottle cap.  That’s right. No cork, no twist-off cap, just a simple bottle cap. You might be thinking, “That’s not wine! That’s just a very large beer minus the hops!”  But, it’s the truth and nothing but the truth.  Two Wine Slobs’ honor! (What little honor there is in being a wine slob.)

The Purse…or the lunch bag.
Depending on who you ask.

I did have one complaint, however.  Not about the wine, but about the website. It’s still under construction, much like Franklin Road in Idaho.  Will they ever finish it?  I hope so.  Millennial females like to be in the know. You know? But, “Oh there there,” don’t you fret.  They did manage to launch a Facebook page in August.  Which you can find here: http://www.facebook.com/OohLaLaWines.

And there you have it; a little French lesson, a new use for your favorite lunch bag, an occasion to wear polka-dot panties, and a fresh perspective on cold fermentation — all in one blog post. Ooh La La 2011 Pinot Grigio would be a great addition to any casual gathering with the girls whether you’re into polka dots or not. Ciao, wine lovers!

Aromatique: Fresh and fruity

SipQuips:  Crisp green apple and pears.  Very light on the palate.  Refreshing and fun!

Kitchen Coupling: Fresh green salad, white fish, light cheeses and fruit, pasta with white sauce.

10 Responses to “Ooh la la … Lots to like about this wine!”

  1. CelticSelkie says:

    where did you find this treasure?

  2. Tom says:

    Stumbled across this wine for $1.99 a bottle at my local grocery outlet. Pleasantly surprised when I opened the first bottle… and the second… and third… Heading back to buy a case.

  3. BraDebbie says:

    Wow, Tom! In which city? That is an amazing price. I hope you got more than a case 😉

  4. Jaimee says:

    Grocery Outlet no longer carries Ooh La La, I’ve been trying to locate it for some time now.

    • BraDebbie says:

      Did you try Fred Meyer in your area? That is where we found the original bottle we tried. Good luck in your search!

      • Jaimee says:

        Oh yes I’ve looked and contacted Fred Meyer’s. Apparently its not being sold anymore around here, so I ordered a bottle from a wine distribution. Shipping was horrible but worth one more glass!!

  5. Rana says:

    I was immediately drawn to this wine while shopping on vacation. I’m down to my last bottle and haven’t seen the brand since. I would like to know which on line market it was found at. I have only had the Rose, but the description of the Pinot Grigio sounds divine.

    • BraDebbie says:

      Hi Rana! Bummer you haven’t been able to find it! Did you try Fred Meyer? That’s where we found our bottle. Let me know if you have any luck!

      -Debbie :)

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