A sleepover for seven

It's getting hot in here!A couple of months ago, the door burst open and, without so much as a knock, a wave of giddy 16-year-old girls bounced through the living room. Soon they were clad in their favorite pajama bottoms and chattering a mile a minute; our house was anything but quiet.“Hi mom!”, “Hey, mom!” some called out as they plopped on the couch. What a joy to have all seven of my “daughters” over for the night. The standard request for pizza, popcorn, soda and junk food was right on cue. “Can you get grapes too?”Grapes!? It was already high on my list but would not be found in the produce department. Before my sprint to the checkout line, I ordered pizza on the fly and veered my cart to the wine aisle. CIMG0403 - Copy2I made a single pass before a bottle of white nearly leaped off the shelf and into my cart. The name, “Seven Daughters” immediately resonated with me. After all the countless trips to that same aisle at Fred Meyer, I hadn’t noticed it before, but there it was, as perfectly matched as my evening with my daughter and her friends.

Being a parent is hectic. Between work, school, sports and trips to the grocery store, there are days I’m not sure whether to get out of my car or sleep in it. It’s the weekend and at this moment, it’s quiet. A candle flickers across the room and to my right our old cat is doing what she does best, napping in her favorite spot. While I welcome the tranquil interlude, the silence is deafening. As a parent, it’s the soundless moments that really grab your attention. What parent hasn’t thought, “It’s much too quiet”? Rarely does our parental Spidey-sense fail us completely.

I am sad to report, in a few short years those deafening moments of silence will steadily increase at the same rate my daughter matures. When she was 2 and when she was 10, it seemed like I had an abundance of time to spend with her. But now, that she is in high school, I am painfully aware how quickly the minutes pass. I still have so much to give her, show her, and teach her before she goes out into the big bad world on her own. It is because of my acute awareness that time is fleeting, I try to be involved the world she currently lives in, even when it means hosting sleepovers for a passel of teen girls.

They plowed through pizza, snacks, pop and grapes as if they hadn’t eaten in days. The movie, “27 Dresses” played on in the background as multiple conversations rose over and above it. I retired to my room, door wide open, relaxed on the bed and caught sentences ev27 Dressesery now and again.They chatted about boys, other girls, school, boys, preps and boys. They did hair and makeup and would occasionally pop in to show off their look or chat for a few minutes. I sipped my wine, thankful for the night, my life, and the moment. What a joy to be part of such a wonderful evening with my beautiful daughter and her equally beautiful friends.

By the way, the wine was great! I knew it would be. It’s a little tart on the tongue but mellows with a hint of sweetness. With notes of orange blossom, tangerine and a little spice, this California blend is very well balanced.Labeled as NV (and no, that doesn’t stand for Nevada) but rather a non-vintage wine. This usually means the grapes used are from different years as well as different varietals and/or vineyards.This is no way indicates the wine is “bad.” Seven Daughters White, is a blend of seven different grapes; Pinot Gris, Orange Muscat, Symphony, Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay.

I had to research the Symphony grape because quite frankly, I had never heard of it.Turns out it isn’t just music to my tongue, but rather a California cross between two grapes developed in 1948, but not commercially released until 1982. Its intent was more for the hotter climate of California’s central valley, but is now grown mostly in the Lodi and Sierra Foothills region. These grapes are typically used in off-dry or late harvest wines.Can you believe I managed to get a little wine information amongst my drivel? Although this vino cost a little more than what we typically purchase to review, it was worth it. Fred Meyer currently has it on sale for $11.99, so hurry in and pick up your bottle! Especially if you will be hosting the next big sleepover. Cheers to parenthood! GULP!

Aromatique: Fresh melon packed with orange blossom and a hint of vanilla.

Sip quips: A little tart at first, but full of juicy fruit flavor. Not overly sweet or spicy. Has a nice creamy finish.

Kitchen couplings: Mild fish or chicken dishes would do well. Mild cheeses and any Asian cuisine pairing would be fantastic along with a little fresh fruit or salad.

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  1. Sarah Weeger says:

    I LOVE your blog! And I especially love your slob story. And I really want to meet you both and share a glass or 4 of wine with you (is that weird?). Anyway just a note to say thanks for starting this site and for all of your posts and insight. I know nothing about wine yet I’m in the process of starting a wine brand… completely for fun, really, for other noobs like myself. So I stumbled across your site in some of my research. I’ve learned more about wine in 2 minutes on your site and had a good time learning about it, too, than I have in a few hours on other sites. Thank you and cheers!

    • BraDebbie says:

      Hi Sarah! Weird? You? You’ve read our blog right? :) We are thrilled you have been enjoying our musings and have learned a few things along the way. Keep us posted on your wine brand! It sounds really interesting and we’d love to know more! Cheers!

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