No One Expects The Dark Horse


Notice the wine glass hidden in on the label and cork?

wineglass_fullHe wants you to underestimate him. Mysterious, confident, stealthy and sleek, the dark horse is a force to be reckoned with. Skilled at flying under the radar, he waits for the perfect opportunity; to break from the pack, take the lead and silence the naysayers.  His fans find him elusive; disappearing as quickly as he arrived. He doesn’t crave pithy accolades, a ring of roses or a sash. The win was his all along. Quietly, the dark horse stands alone, waiting for the next occasion, the next assuming opponent, to let him run…

Will you be the next to liberate the Dark Horse? Go ahead and pull the cork. Let it flow freely into your glass and across your palate with reckless abandon. We dare you. Pretentious wine drinkers beware, for no mercy will be given. If the juicy essence of ripe blackberries doesn’t get you right out of the bottle, the warm flavor of vanilla, black cherry, chocolate and smoky spice will. Unbridled by expectation, Dark Horse lunges gracefully to a mild, but winning finish!


Blackberry plucked from our garden

A portion of the wine was fermented on oak staves or planks, this process helps impart the flavor of the oak, especially notes of vanilla and smoke in a matter of weeks versus years. Following fermentation, it was ultra-filtered to refine the tannins and a portion aged underground in oak casks.

Dark Horse isn’t a complicated cab. Life’s already complicated, why must our wine be too? Pleasure is simple, and this vino is quite gratifying; especially at less than ten dollars a bottle. What it lacks in complexity, The Original Dark Horse 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon makes up for as an easy-going, moderately-priced, drinkable wine.  We’ve found it at both our local Fred Meyer and Walgreens store for $7.99, but have heard it’s available at Trader Joe’s for slightly less.

The next time your hosting gathering, attending a dinner party or simply wanting to soften the day with a nice Cabernet, you’ll find a winner in Dark Horse. Cheers!

Aromatique: Juicy blackberries and black cherries with hints of vanilla, chocolate and smoky-spice.

Sip quips: Full berry flavor, mild spice. Refreshingly tart, with moderate finish.

Kitchen couplings: Do not pair with McDonald’s chicken nuggets (trust us, it wasn’t pretty). That whole “pairing” thing is serious business. Would be better suited, with beef, pork or lamb; a meaty salad or hearty stew.


His pace is patient, his gallop is rote,

His hoofwork is sure, yet no one takes note.

He follows the inside track of the course,

Persisting in silence, running with grace,

Unknown by the masses minding the race,

For no one expects the distant dark horse. – Shane Hubbard

4 Responses to “No One Expects The Dark Horse”

  1. Carter Punturi says:

    Hi Brad & Debbie,

    Hope your day is going well!

    I absolutely loved this Dark Horse review (blueberry was a nice touch), it was very entertaining and well written :]

    On that note, I was wondering if either of you would be interested in
    reviewing some of the Barefoot Wine products? I apologize for contacting you via comments (It seems you had some issues with that in the past and I know I’m probably # one million and one to try) but I tried the old email and got a return to sender.

    Shoot me a quick email if you either of you have any interest! I look forward to hearing from you and keep doing what you’re doing!

    Best regards,

    Carter Punturi

    • BraDebbie says:

      Hi Carter! Glad you enjoyed the review! As official Wine Slobs, we’re pretty much up for trying any wine, and have downed our share of the Barefoot line – just haven’t reviewed them. Is there a particular Barefoot wine you’d like us to check out? Thanks!


      • Carter Punturi says:


        Hope your weekend went well.

        Whatever you feel like trying! I would say some of the Spritzers would be a good option but Spritzer season is pretty close to over, so I’m not sure if that would interest you. Let me know if there’s a specific bottle or bottles that you would have an interest in.

        Do you have my email? (Didn’t know if it shows up for you or not)



  2. When it comes to wines or other alcoholic drinks, they must not be underestimated because each has different and unique taste that you will definitely like and love to taste over and over again. This dark horse proves that it’s really worth your penny.

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