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Be. Flirty and a punctuation rebel. Just don’t forget to wear lip gloss.

The cork rolled across the counter exposing these words: Be. Radiant, Be. Bright, Be. Fresh, Be. Flirty.  I thought to myself, “Okay, I’m in. But what about ‘Be. Pissy’ or ‘Be. Medicated’ and what’s with all the periods?”  I really think this wine line could be expanded to encompass several other adjectives if we were being honest. Don’t you? Let me get right to the point.  This is a wine for chicks with poor punctuation.  Twenty something chicks, thirty somethings, eighty somethings and every something in between.  Wine dudes, this is not an invitation for you to leave because chances are good you either have a chick in your life or will have, in one form or the other.  We’re not here to judge anything but the wine, people!  Just the wine, only the wine.

Who among us does not adore an enormous bouquet of flowers and a smelly bottle of perfume?  (unless your are allergic – in which case, I apologize in advance)  This wine is absolute floral. So, it’s kinda funny  I decided to plop this insanely cute bottle in the middle of one of my flower pots before opening the bottle.  Once in the glass, a single whiff transported me to the middle of a flower garden. It was the Summer’s Eve commercial all over again!  (no period pun intended) Hell, I might be tempted to douche with it later…or not. But, seriously ladies (and wine dudes), Be. Flirty Pink Moscato 2011 isn’t as much flirty as it is girlie.  So much in fact, it would leave the most butch girl I know screaming to wear pink ruffled panties and Bonne Bell’s Lip Smacker.  Don’t believe me?  I double-dog-dare ya to try it!

From the website: “Inspired by a perfect blend of confidence and playfulness with a delightful finish of fun, Be.Flirty Pink Moscato beckons you to pull out the stilettos, and maybe dab a little of that expensive, special-occasion perfume on your neck as you head out the door to share some wine with the girls.” For the record, stilettos aren’t flirty, they’re sexy (and evil, if your arches are shot like mine) if not a bit trashy when paired with the wrong outfit.    Your far better off to leave the hooker heals stashed in the dark corner of the closet and opt for a pair of fluffy pink bunny slippers if your going to girl-up and drink this vino.

All kidding aside, Beringer vineyards the makers of Be. Flirty are really quite serious about wine.  It is a winery steeped in a rich heritage.  In 1868, Jacob Beringer left Germany to continue his passion for wine making in California.  He purchased land in Napa Valley with his brother Frederick in 1875 and a year later, Beringer winery was born.  During the construction of the winery, Frederick wanted to create a California villa similar to that of his families estate at Mainz-on-the-rhine in Germany.  The 17 bedroom mansion boasting 40 stained glass windows cost just $28,000 to build at the time. Roughly $6,000 of that cost was for windows alone. In 2001, the entire winery site was designated a Historic District on the National Register of Historic Places.  It was also one of the few wineries to survive prohibition in the 1920’s.  Beringer had received the proper permits to continue making wine for medicinal and sacramental purposes. (yeah right) It is also the oldest continuously operating winery in the Napa Valley.

The Rhine House – I took this photo a few years back while touring the Napa Valley with my friend, Amy G. It was a fantastic adventure. I miss you, Amy!

Another  interesting find during my research is related to storage and aging. The brothers employed Chinese workers to hand-chisel rock tunnels totaling 1,200 linear feet for this purpose.  The tunnels, maintain a modest temperature of 58 – 60 degrees Fahrenheit year round.  It was an incredibly long project, taking 10 years to complete, but those same tunnels are still used to this very day.  Take that, Gaza!

(And you thought you wouldn’t learn something fantastically educational in this post!)

All in all, I really enjoyed this wine and the price.   We picked up this dainty bottle for under $ 10.00 at our local Albertsons. It was a wonderful reminder that being a little girlie and flirty from time to time is okay.  We can be whatever or whomever we want to be, are destined to be or need to be as long as we are able to just, Be.

*Note:  Fred Meyer is running a sale on Be. Flirty for $6.99 right now!  We picked up a second bottle on 6/21/12. Hurry in before the sale ends!


Just for fun:  What awesome adjective would you use to create your own “Be.” label?  Leave a comment.  We would love to see what you come up with!


Aromatique: Juicy berry with an intense floral aroma.

SipQuips: Very sweet flowery flavor with strawberry notes.

Kitchen Couplings:  I enjoyed this vino with a of Finnish Summer soup (potatoes, leeks , carrots and peas), but I would recommend pairing it with dessert rather than a meal.  Perhaps strawberry shortcake or a decadent frosted chocolate brownie?  A sweet dessert will diminish the sweetness of the wine.

Pretty In Pink

Remember the old douche ads from the late 70s and early 80s (now considered “vintage” I’m sure), before the Summer’s Eve “Hail to the V” campaign? Where marketing moguls depicted a woman strolling along a pristine beach clad in yards of flowing white gauze or wandering a field blanketed with wildflowers, carrying a thoughtful smile?   I know now that her outward expression of happiness was not because her freshly cleansed va-jay-jay had the lingering scent of newly cut lilacs, but because she was remembering the fabulous new wine she’d enjoyed the night before. A wine like Indian Creek’s 2010 White Pinot Noir: romantic, clean, refreshing and packed with floral aromas.

We discovered this wine across a crowded room at Boise’s own, “Sippin’ in the City” a few months back. It was love at first sight. After all, it’s a pretty wine in a pretty bottle and sells for less than $10, which makes for a pretty sweet deal. We found this bottle at our local Fred Meyer on sale for $7.99.

So what made me fall head over heels in love with this wine?  Let me count the ways…

It’s local.  At least it’s local for us. It has been a long time coming, but Idaho is finally making its way up the grapevine.  The Snake River Valley is home to at least 34 of the more than 40 wineries in Idaho. This appellation is historically known for its volcanic and glacial activity and, although this is typically an arid region, the river provides irrigation and much-needed air currents that moderate the often intense weather during the summer and winter months. Lucky for us, grapes dig it.  Indian Creek Winery is located on the west end of the Snake River Valley, in Kuna, Idaho, and open every weekend from noon to five.

It’s pink. And who, pray tell, doesn’t like pink?  At this point, you might be wondering why a wine called, “White Pinot Noir” is pink at all. To this, I implore you not to judge a grape by the color of its skin.  Almost all wine made from the Pinot Noir grape is red, due to its deep purplish color. But if the skins are not allowed to “get jiggy” with the juice, the result is a quite lovely shade of pink oftentimes referred to as a rosé.

Indian Creek White Pinot Noir

Did you know Indian Creek's 2009 White Pinot Noir took Gold and was voted "Idaho's Best Rose?" Photo:

It’s a winner. The Idaho Wine Competition is a bit like an Olympic event for Idaho vino, with more than a hundred contestants in various categories, and arduous standards. Indian Creek’s 2010 White Pinot Noir took silver last fall (2011). Clearly, even wine slobs recognize a winner when they taste it.

It rocks.Let’s face it, the most important aspect of any wine is, taste. If you don’t enjoy the flavor, what’s the point really? If you love wine (and I assume you do, or you wouldn’t be wasting life’s precious moments reading our drivel) I feel quite confident Indian Creek’s White Pinot Noir will find its way into your heart, too.

The intense aroma of cherry blossom and honey are absolutely intoxicating. At first glance it could be compared to plum wine, but with only 2.5% residual sweetness, it is far from being sickeningly sweet.  Instead, it’s relatively tart on the tongue, boasting well balanced acidity and notes of juicy strawberry, melon and a burst of mouth watering citrus.  It’s the perfect accompaniment to a light snack or meal, decadent desserts, a single square of chocolate to be savored by you and you, alone.  Rarely, do the wine slobs purchase the same bottle of wine more than once or twice (okay four is all I’m admitting to), but this one my friends will always have a spot in our wine rack.

Enjoying a glass at Mai Thai in downtown Boise!

Aromatique: It’s all about the floral, baby! Bring on the Cherry blossom!

SipQuips:   A wonderful meld of honey, strawberries, melon, and citrus give way to loads of juicy flavor! Not overly sweet.

Kitchen Couplings: Asian cuisine (spring rolls, sushi, jasmine rice), cheesecake, white chocolate dipped strawberries or mild white cheeses.

Hail to the “V”, people! I promise this is worth watching. It’s a least good for a smile. 😉

Oh ‘Wirra Wirra’ art thou Mrs. Wigley?

The cat takes the cheese. The neighbor gets the tail.

And the wine drinker gets a tale as well, by way of the label.  This Aussie vintner’s creations are conceived from little slices of reality. Tonight’s bottle, a 2008 Grenache Rosé (a mere $3.99 at our local Grocery Outlet), was no exception. From the label: “Mrs. Wigley (1977-1993) was not the wife of Wirra Wirra founder Bob Wigley, but a particular pussycat who was born at the neighbouring Petrucci residence. Within days, she had settled in our open fermenters and from then on Mrs. Wigley became a permanent feature of the cellars. Raised exclusively on Myponga Cheddar from the cheese board in cellar door; she was black in colour and sported a trimmed tail courtesy of an accident with some galvanized iron and some emergency surgery from Joe Petrucci’s pruning snips.”

Mrs. WigleyThis may sound like a charming animated Disney throwback from half a century ago, but after a glass or three, we determined there was more to this Aristocat than met the eye.  Perception is reality and it is our perception, Mrs. Wigley was a lush and a bit of a vineyard floozy. Many a Tom fell victim to the saucy kitten, skilled in the art of theft and persuasion.  To this end, she birthed multiple litters from any unattached Tom within a 10-mile radius. Animal welfare workers repeatedly removed the innocent spawn of her drunken alleycat ways.  And as for the loss of her tail, it was no accident by any stretch.  It was during a wine tasting one sultry summer evening when the inebriated cat burglar stole Joe Petrucci’s toupee, mistaking it for a late night lover.  Mortified, he lit after Mrs. Wigley with a pair of kitchen shears and a venomous rage in his heart.  Thankfully she was only on her 6th life and managed to slip through a broken board in the vineyard fence just as Petrucci’s snipping blades caught the end of her tail.

Luckily for us, Mrs. Wigley went on to inspire some really flirty, screw-top wine.  The first pour revealed a gorgeous red plum color. We enjoyed our bottle with Sabra Roasted Pine Nut Hummus, carrots, Beechers No Woman Cheese and slices of Fuji apple.  It left us yearning for a second bottle, hopefully to be enjoyed on a warm summer evening with fresh food and old friends. How will you enjoy yours?

Aromatique: Fresh floral

SipQuips: Strawberries and a hint of spiced apple (Brad thinks I’m high on Spice) Smooth on the tongue.

Kitchen Couplings: Serve chilled with grilled Mahi Mahi, Caesar salad or chilled pasta salad with fresh dill. Perfect with a light summer meal.

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