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Should have had the salmon…

Instead, we opted for leftover pizza and chocolate peanut butter eggs. Our long talked about first “official” wine review, and we blew it.  But, when the wine selection process consists of one party covering their eyes with a pillow while the other places four bottles in their lap, it’s left to the fates to decide.  And so, with underwhelming prudence, the Josmeyer Alsace 2005 Gewürztraminer Les Folastries® was selected to be our maiden wine. We purchased the Gewurz for a mere $3.99 at our local Grocery Outlet.  It was a stretch, but we spent a little more than we would on a gallon of unleaded gasoline.  We’re all about cheap wine. Many of our selections are based on bottle appeal alone. This particular bottle was reminiscent of the famed 1967 Marilyn Monroe painting by Andy Warhol, colorful with the exception of the tacky bridesmaid peach capsule.   It was a must-have.  We wasted little time allowing the wine to breathe, but gave it a swish or two in the glass prior to a good sniffing.  Describing how a wine smells is a bit of a challenge for wine novices like us, and relating to expert descriptions can be somewhat intimidating for most, so let’s stick to the basics.

Aromatique: Fairly pungent and not terribly fruity.  (which could also be used to describe Brad)

SipQuips:  Primarily dry, especially at the beginning.  Gained fruity flavor.

Kitchen Couplings:  While pizza with Serrano peppers may have been a little much for this wine, a light Asian stir-fry, grilled salmon, fish sticks or a tuna sandwich would be safe bets.